Lou makes the score. These cats are only open two days a week now (Their website isn’t up to date but hey, it’s run out of a row home, real Mom and Pops) so when Saturday and Sunday roll around you gotta pounce! Iannellis tomato pie… Since 1910. Kids, it might not look like much but boy oh boy you run home to eat it. 

Here’s the link :



Or should I say, a real Mom and Son 😉

Pan seared ribeye with a green peppercorn, cognac sauce

Yep that’s right a green peppercorn sauce, an au poivre. We love them. Lou deglazed the pan with shallots before adding a little cream. The cream helped to balance the spicy heat from the peppercorns. The cognac is from Salignac and imparts a rich smooth flavor. Not only that but the potatoes were crisped to perfection and when biting in, they are as soft and fluffy as can be. 

Paired with a Primitivo, which is the Italian version of a Zinfandel. This Primitivo is from Cantele. She’s deep, she’s intense and spicy. Excellent accompaniment to the spice of the peppercorns. Full body, velvety with smooth tannins. 


Swordfish belly

It’s the bacon of seafood. Loaded with Omegas making it very healthy. The fat renders out immediately after hitting the pan. No need for oil or butter. Very rich and an interesting texture. We paired it with a beautiful and (strangely enough to for this varietal) a robust Pinot Gris from New Zealand.


The autumn equinox 

Fast approaching is the equalization of the day and night. Thus the equinox. It’s all about astrotheology, but forget that… Mushrooms and fall time. Here we have Blue Foot, Maitake and dehydrated Morels (which we hydrated in chicken stock) to make a risotto al funghi. creamy and rich.

 Here is the masterpiece :
Paired with a big, bold Côtes du Rhône. I like to call this rugged Syrah Cuvée a noble cowboy of wine. Fantastic combo! 


The French influenced Vietnamese sandwich 

I walked over to the Wing Phat Plaza (A little Vietnam here in P-town) to pick up these little beauties. The Bánh mi. These sandwiches reflect the French colonization of Vietnam. Food and History are hand in hand. The one on the left is the original with pork, pâté, cucumbers, jalapeños, cilantro, pickled carrots, sour daikon, and spicy chillies in a warm crusty French baguette. It’s street food at its finest. The one on the right is made with bbq pork.                                                  – thưởng thức !


Superior’s pasta and cannuli’s veal

We went to Superior Pasta for these Fantastic Porcinni stuffed raviolis. These cats have been serving pasta since 1948. 

We love the way they come packaged.

Here’s the link :


Paired with this interesting little vixen, Qupé. She’s soft, rich and she holds her own next to the soft pillows of exploding Porcinni rav’s. Lou loves blends and this cuvée is right on spot. 

Then… BANG! Veal from Cannuli’s. Serving Philly since 1927. Outstanding! 

Here’s the link :

And here she is, dressed in the warmth of Lou’s fire roasted tomato and basil sauce. The tomatoes are from San Marzano.