Teach a man to fish… Here we have two Bronzinos side by side with Apple, pork, Gouda sausages and peppers. We paired this early evening dinner with a Chenin Blanc from Pacific Rim. A bright little number with pear and grapefruit notes. She’s clean and floral. Perfect match with our surf and turf.  


Hasenpfeffer cacciatore 

A 2 hour slow cook beauty of a dinner. As the summer slowly wanes and just the tiniest hints of autumn appear, Lou matches this phenomenon with a succulent rabbit ragu. 

We paired it with a lush Tempranillo from Spain. The word “Tempranillo” comes from the Spanish word “Temprano” which means “Early”. This deep dark grape (also know as the black grape) ripens earlier than most varietals, thus the name. It’s a full bodied wine with ripe plum and strawberry notes. A lingering finish and well balanced oak tannins. A home run.


The conical fermenter 

She has arrived… I’m in awe… The first bin will be apples pressed out in Waynesboro Pa and Lou is already thinking about what to cook that will accompany this wine. I’ll get around 25 bottles when the fermentation is complete. We will drink some and decide weather to add hops and or let them age in oak down in the cellar. 


Antipasto and ah pasta

Iberico Jamon or  Pata Negra from Claudio’s on 9th. Just look at the richness of this black Iberian pig. Found primarily in western and southwestern Spain. These pigs roam on pastures of acorns, herbs and olives. Giving beautiful nuances of floral oak groves and lush flavors. 

Along with fresh marinated octopus, as well from Claudio’s.

Then my beautiful wife bangs out a Fusilli Lunghi al pomodoro. Perfection. We paired this fantastic dinner with a Cabernet from… Bulgaria. Oh man let us tell you… Dynamite! 


Scottish Salmon

Another nice item we picked up from Reading Terminal Market. Pan roasted along side the honey cup mushrooms and diced tomatoes. (we threw in that little habanero pepper from our garden just for fun and some added spice!)


We went to the market

The Reading Terminal Market, a Philly classic. We had duck noodle soup after walking all over the place, buying this smelling/tasting that. We found these cute little mushrooms called “Honey Cup Mushrooms”. We never heard of them before.